The Unlimited Editing Power Of Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro has grown to become a yardstick used for comparing other video editing software owing to its unmatched ecosystem tools, powerful capabilities, and nonlinear editing interface that helps you to project the exact video in your imagination into reality. The reason why Premiere Pro is at the top of the best video editing software is that Adobe listens to users and makes efforts to include features they want.

The updated version of this powerful editing tool now supports 4K content and higher, 360 VR content, Lumetri Color tool, and HDR video. Adobe continues to polish the interface and adding state-of-the-art tools that has enabled the software to stay above its stiff competitors like the Final Cut Pro X from Apple

Getting Started

The first step to beginning your editing journey in Premiere Pro is to either capture or import the video footage, sound files, and other elements into the software. The comprehensive camera and extensive video format support offered by this software are one of its major advantages over other video editing software. With this, you don’t have to worry when working with video files captured with disparate camera types.

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Editing Prowess

There are several ways Premiere Pro eases the work of editors through the addition of smart tools. Some of those special features which you need to explore if you are not already doing so include;

Applying effect, a specific timeline: in the past, if you have to make alterations to different timelines as an editor you would painstakingly have to work of the different timelines one after the other. Imagine how strenuous the task will be if the effect for each timeline takes several hours. With Premiere Pro you will only need to apply the effect to a specific timeline and each tie you make use of the clip from that timeline, the effect will be there.

Merging audio and video: when you shoot your videos with a DSLR camera, you will often need a separate audio recorder to capture the sound. The editor then tries to bring the audio and video together using an editor. In the past, the editor will need to align these files by observing the waveforms from each. This is a tedious and time-consuming process. Premiere Pro again makes the process faster and convenient by providing a tool that synchronizes audio and video from diverse sources. The unified media clip with its audio and video aligned is deposited in your bin.

Work on multiple projects at the same time: in the past or with most other editing software, you will need to close any open program before you will be able to open another. The updated Premiere Pro allows you to seamlessly switch between multiple projects.

Minimize distractions while you work: it is easy for creative minds to get distracted right in the middle of an important task and it is often difficult to pick up the pace when this happens. Premiere Pro workspace takes care of this by shutting out every other feature of the program leaving only what you need.

Adding Vimeo Panel

Premiere Pro gives you the power to bring the power of Vimeo into Adobe and you can upload videos directly from your editor to your Vimeo account with a single click. The entire process is easy and starts with downloading the Vimeo panel and installing the extension in your Premiere Pro. Log into your Vimeo account and continue editing. Once you are done click upload and send it to your Vimeo. The advantage is that it simplifies your postproduction workflow.

Edit Music With Premiere Pro

While most video editing software will only let you work with video files, Premiere Pro gives you the opportunity to edit audio files alone. Every amazing video project will usually rely on a good audio to intensify the feeling it will have on the consumers. As an editor, you need to choose your music wisely, know when to start and stop the music, know when the music should change, intensify or drop out completely. The Premiere Pro makes the addition of these effects to your project easy and you can learn how to edit music using this software by visiting the Premiere Bro blog.

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