The early days of video encoding were very crude compared to what you have now. The software was able to handle video conversion from one format and nothing more, unlike the newer video encoding software that can handle editing and a variety of other tasks. SimpleDivX had a simple user interface which made it possible for users to convert their DVD to other formats like ogm, mkv, and avi with h264, divx, and XviD video codec. The output also made use of ac3 and mp3 as audio codecs.

Notwithstanding the crude nature of the software at that time, it was also able to provide useful information about the video including resolution, frame rate, movie length, aspect ratio, video format, and chapters.

Version History

The last version of SimpleDivX was 1.40.25 which was released on the 17th of August 2007. Before that, there was a release on the 27th of July 2007. Some of the features of the new release included the addition of multiprocessor support encoding for audio coded h264. The video also got 10 and 15 fps selection.

The system also got a number of upgrades including increasing of the batch size to 200. Italian language translation for newly added items was also a feature that came with the updated version. One of the reasons why SimpleDivX was so popular at that time was because it was a freeware.

Converting Videos Using SimpleDivX

The process of video conversion was straightforward. You need to click on ‘Add File’ button and select the file to be converted. It will bring the file to the conversion window and show you all the details about the file. You still have the option to make minor edits like cutting frames. Click ‘OK’ when done. Adjust the resolution and quality and select an output folder.