Pinnacle Studio may not be editor’s pick best editing software but it is still one of the best video editing software in the market. Editors who are familiar with this software can attest to its versatility in solving of the two common problems faced by editors, exporting videos. Many times, people shoot videos in one format but want it released to the public in different formats. Pinnacle Studio does a good job in this regard.

Once you are done editing your file on the software, it takes just a few steps to export your file in the format of your choice which can further be uploaded on various websites of your choice including Vimeo and YouTube. Below are the steps to exporting your video in Pinnacle Studio.


If you don’t already have Pinnacle Studio in your system, the first step would be to purchase the software or download a 30-day free trial. Follow the installation wizard to install the software on your computer. Once the installation is complete, import the video file you want to edit and export in another format. Pinnacle Studio supports a large variety of video formats, so you will likely not encounter any problem importing your video.


Export Tab

When you are done editing your video, press the Export Tab to open the Exporter dialogue box. In the Exporter dialogue box, you can set the format and quality you want your output video to be. The exporter will verify that the project is complete before commencing exporting.


You will need to set the destination of your exported video files. Click on the browse button and scroll to the destination of your choice or create a new destination.

Select File Name

You will need to choose a name for your exported file. You can type the name of your choice in the File Name box. You also have the choice to set After Export Actions like choosing to export the project using the timeline settings. If you are exporting to upload to a website or for a particular device, you can make the adjustments using the Exporting Preferences drop-down menu.


Select Or Edit Preset

From the export project drop-down menu, you can choose a Preset option or customize existing preset to suit your purpose by pressing Edit Preset button. After editing the preset you can save it and use it as a default preset in future projects. You can also choose to export only a section of the video using the playback control’s trim option.

Start Export

Once you are done setting your preferences, press ‘Start Export’. This can take several minutes depending on the length of your project and the export quality.

Common Exporting Problem

Some people encounter problem importing MP4 files to Pinnacle Studio. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to convert the video into a format that is compatible with Pinnacle Studio using common video converters like MP4 video converters. Note that Pinnacle Studio prefers MPEG-4 codec to others.